Category: Pablo Cavarez
Posted by: PaoloMonkey
Category: Pablo Cavarez
Posted by: PaoloMonkey
The game will be finally be released, on the 28 May on iOS (as Universal app), Google Play and Windows Phone.

Features, directly from our press release:
- Immediate Pick-up and Play: you can tap or drag as a physical sliding puzzle
- No Ads, pay once to unlock the full game! for just 0.99$/0.89
- Plenty of Levels: 64 puzzles divided in four worlds
- Set Your Own Pace: solve the puzzle to reach the exit, or challenge yourself to collect all the gems in the minimum number of moves - play for perfection, or enjoy a relaxing game with no time limit
- Beautiful!: high definition graphics and hand-drawn animations

Price: Free to download, one world (16 levels) accessible; unlock the full game (other 3 worlds and all future updates) for 0.99$/0.89

Link to presskit:
Pablo Cavarez minisite:

Pablo Cavarez
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It's here!

You can get the game at this link:

MirrorMoon EP
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The game now also has a minisite:

And here's a brand new screenshot:

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Our cards are available at last!

Developed in collaboration with Federico Fasce, they are a nice tool for brainstorming.

You can find all the info you need here:

Layers game Design Tool