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It's here!

You can preorder the game and download the Beta at this link:

MirrorMoon EP
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You can tell your friends, our game will be out this summer!

The game now also has a minisite:

And here's a brand new screenshot:

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Our cards are available at last!

Developed in collaboration with Federico Fasce, they are a nice tool for brainstorming.

You can find all the info you need here:

Layers game Design Tool
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MIRRORMOON was created, under the “Team Focaccia” label, by the two guys from Santa Ragione and me during the 2012 Global Game Jam.

It's an adventure-puzzle-exploration game, set on a mysterious red planet.

red planet

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Hi guys, here's one of the many projects we are working on.

A group made by Vincenzo Lettera with a bunch of Italian indie developers (Ciro Continisio, Federico Fase, Marco Di Timoteo, Santa Ragione), me included, is trying to build a Winnitron in Italy!

The Winnitron is an arcade cabinet, playable by anyone, which runs a number of fantastic exclusive independent games from all over the world. The first one came from a idea of a group of Canadian developers known as BitCollective, and there are only a few in the entire world.

So we started a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to have the minimum amount of money to build it and to transport it around Italy to the various game development related events.

Here's the link to IndieGogo.

If you donate you will receive awesome perks, such as an exclusive NaaC wallpaper or (this is a) a META game soundtrack. There are also t-shirts, other soundtracks, the preorder of the strategic shooter Syder by Studio Evil, a chiptune EP... well, a lot of things.

Go donate! :D

Artwork by @Mis_BUG